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June 08, 2010



thank you for the photo--looks wonderful--and the recommendation. will try to secure a reservation for my visit in a few months. Since you will no longer be at L'Aromatik (I assume) I will only be able to follow your recommendations and then to wait for your eventual restaurant to open.


Hi MIndy, you have to call on the first of a month in order to make a reservation for any day of the following month. For examle on the first of July for any reservation in the month of August, etc. I will be back full-time in Paris in September, don't hesitate to let me know if you are here and would like to meet or get recommendations in person...


thank you for the "tip", Ulla! I appreciate it.
my husband and I will be bike riding in Burgundy late September/early October and then plan to be in Paris for a few days before returning back to U.S. I will most definately contact you as the time gets closer. if you have any thoughts on the Burgundy area, I welcome those also.

Bill Butterfield


"MORE MORE MORE" as the old song goes. Thank you so much for continuing to blog. Your experience is always inspiring. Many wonderful wishes sent to you during these current changes you are navigating.

much love sent from california!

Chez Corin

This is a great recipe! I will surelly try it in my place

Cora Bullock

Wow! It looks so delicious that it's kinda hard to stop looking at it. But it's in Paris, and right now, it's impossible for me to go there. I guess I just have to resist the temptation, but maybe someday, I can go there and try it out.

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