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May 15, 2010



Wow! Yay! This is fantastic news, and it sounds like you have waited until the time was ripe - you've learned (maybe not everything, but a lot) of what you needed to and now it's time to move on. Congratulations!


Congratulations!! I am so happy that you feel good with your decision. It sounds like everything feel into place at just the right time.
Please continue posting here, as you make decisions on your own place and work through all the details and decisions. we all want to contine to "pull" for you and live our dreas through you.
I travel to Paris frequently and would love to eat at your restaurant.


Woo-hoo Ulla!! FĂ©licitations. This is great news and I wish you all the very best. Having taken my own big decision to change my (working) life in order to spend more time doing what I want with people who are important to me, I'm with you all the way. Look forward to eating in *your* Paris restaurant before too long. Don't forget those scones ;)

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wew! that's quite a big decision that is, okay for now just move on and i wish you all the best!

Kelli Parker

Congratulations Ulla! We were trying to plan to eat at your restaurant for my 40th birthday in August but were having difficulty with logistics, etc... So this will give us an even better reason to put planning off until 2011 so we can celebrate at your very own place, and we look very forward to it! Until then, Happy Trails! Kelli (Olivier Chatel's wife :))


Hey, thanks everybody for your warm comments and encouragements ! I will need those all along the way, this project is a tough one.

Kelli, I know who you are ;)))). What a nice idea ! I have celebrated myself my 40th birthday in Paris, while still living in Grenoble, the only way to make friends and family spread around Europe and the US to come at the same time easily to the same place. Will try to accelerate for your party ;)


So exciting!! New beginnings! I've been reading your blog for a while now, and it's about time you made the leap!!!


Hey! Good going! Great decision!
I really enjoy reading your blog and hope to keep following your steps towards your own place!
I might be in more or less the same position as you, but in another European capital...
All the best!

/ john

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