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December 18, 2009



Complaining too much? Seriously? Who could feel like they can criticize (and therefore complain) to someone for voicing their own true thoughts on their own, personal, blog?

Anyway. The restaurant industry will take everything you will give it and ask for more. And it will not repay you in kind. That's true regardless of your position - boss, dishwasher, or chef. You can give it 200% and it will want 300% - and it will not thank you sufficiently for your efforts.

I'm not saying this to make you feel low, but to affirm that you have to set your own pattern and find a balance that works for you. It's a bit like parenting, in that you can never, ever 'finish' everything and nothing is ever perfect, so you it lends itself to overwork and underthanks.

If you don't set your limits, it will chew you up and spit you out and move on to the next warm body.

It sounds like you have taken the first steps to set yourself up for a lifetime of working in the industry - which is to know and embrace your limits. Primarily - that you can't keep giving without receiving. And you have control over only one of those aspects.

Keep your chin up - these are natural cycles of joy and apathy and energy/exhaustion. Soon you will find that you've gotten back to the joy.

Katie K

Good fences make good neighbors. Good luck (and try that brownie recipe I sent you; you won't be disappointed)!


Don't worry about other readers, Ulla. This is your blog and you can write as you please. I appreciate reading both sides because I understand where you are coming from 100%. Remember at my last job, I told you that my boss was a gros con. He never once said I did a good job. NEVER. Even though I worked hard, and worked on my days off, the clients really enjoyed my food, but this made him more mad and treated me like crap. So yes, even if you know you are doing a job, sometimes it's nice to hear it from your boss. No job is perfect - it's natural to "complain" or vent about what is bothering. Especially in this industry, it is very frustrating at times. But at the end of the day, it's a nice feeling that you touch food for a living, and feed people, n'est-ce pas ?


Sydney, amazing how you always find the right explanation, words and advice. I read your comment at least 10 times. I am so glad you keep reading and commenting my posts. Thank you.

Katie, I love that phrase ! Never heard it before, but thinking about it, might be very true.

Joan, thank you for sharing your thoughts and encouragement. I admire your attitude and your strength. And you are right, it is too nice to feed people for a living ;)


Just want to share some thoughts. When we are doing things we love, we use to offer extra, some times too much. But, who cares. We gave because we enjoy. When we know that people are taking advantages on us, it means that we are smart parce qu'on est en train d'investir pour soi meme. Tiens-toi la. On ferme les oreilles et on apprend. Ta recompense sera ton succes du moment tu les quittes. Be strong and cheers.

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