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October 02, 2009



Regarding your comments on #5, I think "cylinder wafer" is a fine Englishy description (you certainly don't want to use "cannoli shell"!!).
they all look wonderful!
I think #6 or #3 would be my choice--would be a difficult decision if I could only choose one. I just wish American restaurants would be this inventive and offer this variety in desserts; very few incorporate cheese or fruit.


Hi Mindy, thank you for replying to my question ! I am glad you like the new desserts !


I completely agree about the icing sugar on the brownie. It's okay, but the best way to dress a brownie, particularly if you're serving it with caramel icing, is with a few stripes of caramel sauce. The icing sugar is not unheard of, just a poor man's dressing.

Fanny Aragno

Having just returned from Paris and dined on those lovely ardoise plates, can you tell me where in the States they might be available?
Thanks in advance.


I'll take 1, 2, and 6 please! Love the presentation of all of them. Well done!


Hey, Sydney is back. I am happy to have your professional comments again ;) Merci. Good to see that you agree on the icing...

Fanny, unfortunately I have no idea where to get them in the US. Some readers told me they are called "slate plates" there. Maybe if you google this expression you will find a supplier. At Williams Sonoma online I only found one cheese plate.

Thank you Rachelle for your nice comment and your hitlist !


So good to see that you have arisen from your extended snooze from your fantastic blogging!! My sympathy to you for the crises you went through on your reopening the restaurant; for some reason when restaurants are closed for some time everything seems to want to let you know that you were missed. I had closed a place for a couple weeks one time after spending six figures remodeling the place and came back to several inches of water on the floor due to the drains.
Your bicycle trip looked like fun!
Thought of you this morning after seeing the following article:


my goodness, great blog!

Patricia Andreoli

this is the best blog ever, thanks Ulla
the Andreoli family - Grenoble


No, just calling it a wafer isn't really a good translation because a wafer is generally round and flat. A cylindrical wafer is okay, but doesn't sound very nice. A rolled wafer is better. I think I'd go with "crisp rolled pastry" though.


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