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October 23, 2009



Have you heard his son, Adam Cohen. One of my favorite CDs by far. You have to listen to Melancolista (all in French). Every song is good IMO. He is going to release an English album soon.


Never heard of, but will check. Fot the moment I am still (re)discovering the father. Thanks for the hint. BTW, the father will play in San Jose soon...


Hi Ulla -

Actually we were lucky enough to see Leornard in concert at Jazz in Vienne this summer - in the roman teathr - just amazing.. this was a magic moment too.

Hope you are doing well -
Hello from grenoble - Olivier & Kelli.


What a sweet moment. Glad you were able to experience that at the end of a good night's service! We need moments like that from time to time...


Hi Ulla,
How are you doing? It seems that you took your recipe on the Tuiles aux Amandes away from the blog, Is it possible to have it again? Seems like one flower, one butter, one glucose, one sugar ??
Thanks, Nga


Hi Nga,
hm. I have not taken away any post ever.... But you got it right. And add chopped almonds, pistacchios as you like.

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