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September 28, 2009



Congratulations on your 100000th. Keep going on. You thank readers but in fact, reader like me should thank you for sharing with us your experience and most of all, your emotions during your second (?) career.


who in the world could write a nasty message about this blog???
thank you so much, Ula, for continuing to "talk" to us; I have followed you from the beginning and celebrate your succcesses and agonize your struggles (more and more infrequent). I miss you in your "lazy periods" and revel in your creative ones, when I am more easily to get my "fix".
Congrats on the 100,000 mark!



I am anxious about the big call tomorrow...




I was flip-flopping between LCB and Ferrandi, and I came across your blog and now I'm determined to go to Ferrandi (well, in a year or so). Thanks for all your efforts and posts ... they have been very helpful. I've also started my own food blog and I was soo happy to see people from other countries checking it out and was so excited when I got my first (and still the only) comment from another country!
Keep up the great job and bonne chance with everything,

p.s. this is my blog: http://bardiail.blogspot.com/ :)


I only know this blog for some weeks but really, I like going here and read it. Not only it is inspiring but also funny and a great way to have a small view of your life.... Groetjes, Lianne

Pascal O

thank you Ulla for keeping this blog alive. I for one am always waiting for your posts, and am happy, like this morning, to see that 5 new posts have been made since my last visit.
btw did you know slate plates had been available at "Casa" for months ?


Nga, thank you for your encouragement. So I will continue to share my emotions !

Mindy, thanks for being such a loyal reader. Your comment really touched me. Merci.

Joan, merci. No longer anxious about the call, now I am anxious about the dress ;)

Bardia, it is good to know that I have readers like you that find my posts helpful for their career decision. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact me by email.

Ah Lianne !!! I was happy when you contacted me on facebook. Thank you for your comment, I am glad you like reading the blog.

Merci Pascal !!!! So I will go and check out Casa immediately. Thank you for the hint.

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