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July 15, 2009



She's alive!!! Welcome back!


Wonderful! I was worried something had happened to you! Please write soon about your new kitchen--it must be great since it seems so "right"

Fiona Jackson

Hello Ulla - remember me? Blast from your Grenoble past!
Really great to discover that you are happy and living in Paris and what is more, that you have realised your dreams of culinary heaven! Go Ulla as they say in California! Your reinvented life sounds really interesting - appreciate the recipe tips! Yes I do dabble in cuisine occasionally! I'll put it this way - you are not missing anything in Grenoble but I guess you know that! Got hold of your blog on the HP grapevine . That's when I appreciate the wonders of technology! Loved yr pics of Paris on July 14th. I lived there way back in 1984/85 and totally agree - it is a beautiful city and one of those places you've just got live at least once in your life! Sounds like everything is going swimmingly and I am convinced you made the right decision to follow your dreams! Well done and all the best. Fiona

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