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December 23, 2008



I have been following your "new life" since the very beginning of your posting, and living vicariously through you. Our lives took very similar paths, althought we are an ocean apart. I am a woman, the same age as you, and cooking has alwasy been a passion of mine. Nine years ago, after taking courses at a local culinary school, I left a very good job at a Fortune 500 Company to pursue my dream of becoming a Chef. I began working under a talented Executive Chef at a local Country Club; which here in the US is a good way to get training and experience many different types of service. I experienced all the same situations you have encountered (yelling chefs, mean co-workers, crazy situations) but I was unable to stick it out; I left the kitchen after 9 months and eventually returned to "Corporate Life". I just could not take the change in culture within the kitchen. So, I totally "get" what you have gone through at the various places you have worked; I have cheered when you overcame the "nuts" and was sad along with you when it was just too much after a long day. I admire you very much for pushing throught it all and persevering.
I just wanted to let you know that back in the Midwest USA, you have a "kindered spirit" who is cheering for you every step of the way. I wish you much success with your career and new Restaurant. I hope you continue the blog, even after you open your own place, so that all your loyal readers can visit. I travel to Paris fairly regularly, for the good food and art, and would love to experience your culinary talent!
Take Care, and Merry Christmas.


I love reading your blog Ulla...your recipies look fantastic and I think you' re right, close to your real experience for yourself soon :)
All our family is thinking of you, tasting the wine you know about, coming from a special place in your heart and coming from a special place in your appartment too ;)
We wish you a merry christmas, hoping you will enjoy the break with your family.
Plein de gros bisous, on pense tres fort a toi et on va organiser la prochaine visite sur Barcelone pour ton prochain break....Ferran Adria ne sera pas dispo, mais on trouvera une alternative.
bonne annee!!!

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