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October 18, 2008



I love the simplicity of Italian food. So delicious.

Btw, I am going to Le Meurice for lunch next Wed with the bf. =) It's my birthday gift !

la barcelonaise

Ca a l' air outstanding!!...j' ai hate qu' on se voit donc...tres bientot!


fein fein, mit palourdes und coques!

Vielleicht hilft die Krise ja, dass die Restaurantbesitzer ja endlich ihre Preise senken?..........

James H Pursell

Caution! This dish is only for small clams. Big ones take too long to cook. Do not add the clams back into the mixture until the pasta are done. The several minutes the clams have been waiting for the sauce to reduce is dangerously close to over cooking them (can you say rubber?) And the several minutes needed to complete the cooking of the pasta would be just too much for the clams.


James, this dish is one of the best that ever came out of my kitchen. I followed the guidelines from a French food magazine, and it tasted better than many versions I have tested in a lot of Italian restaurants. I cannot say rubber, no. Seems you take this post very (too) serious. I just want to share fun, passion, and nice photos of food here. Not aspiring to become a starred chef and not looking for food critics really.

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