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July 21, 2008



Thanks so much for your posts! I'm making the apple tart tonight, and this cheese idea is really inspiring. Keep up the great work and good luck with your future restaurant!

Flo Bretzel

I cant' choose between Stilton and Roquefort, I love both of them. It's true that we are lucky in France with this amazing number of different cheeses. I miss some of them in Munich!

Pascal O

I'm sure Philippe would love the idea of Sauternes jelly. or maybe he would just kill you ;-)


Kara, thank you for your nice comment, I hope the apple tart was a success ! Do you want me to send you more details by email, let me know...

Hey Flo, you know what I miss ? Knoedel und Schweinshaxe ;) You are also very lucky in Munich to have some things permanently that I need to do without! I will spend 10 days in Bavaria in August to catch up ;)

Pascal, I also thought about Philippe, when I was writing the part about the Sauternes. I guess his reaction depends on the Chateau and the Millesime I would use for the jelly ;) Let's try the first jelly with a Chateau Climens 1989. Philippe what do you think ?

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