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February 05, 2008



Hi Ulla,
You are turning into Mary Higgins Clark clone with your suspens on your new direction (or not ?) :))
Thanks so much for adding a post dedicated to my comments. I feel proud now ;)
I fully agree with your list. To answer your question, I remember an advice about Sauternes as a starter : you have to take a soup after it to avoid spoiling the following.
Also I have to say that people often tells me Sauternes is "too sweet" for them, but actually this is only an indication they tasted a bad one. Great Sauternes (1er cru, and millesime is VERY important, remember Nayrac 1995) are NOT too sweet, because they manage to keep high level of acidity to balance sweetness. Otherwise I agree you end up feeling like you´ve just eaten 1kg of candies.
OK I stop for now, and I hope you will tell us soon what you are aiming to. I was saying to Sophie that you are too multi-talented to waste your strentgh competing with young narrow minded people. All-around players in basketball often face the same issue until tehy meet a goos coach :)

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