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October 27, 2007



Sitze schon im TGV gen San Sebastian.................

Andrew Froug

Ulla! I am so glad to hear that you have been doing better. Many of my friends have been talking about going to San Sebastian, and after seeing these incredible pictures, it looks like I have to!

My class just had our crudite day on Thursday, and after class, Chef told me to read your entry from last year. It is so much fun (and SO funny) to read your blogs after having joined the school. Saying "Oui, Chef" over and over again, falling behind because of something silly like lending your pepper mill out to friends, and doubting whether you'll ever become a chef are all things I can really relate to now.

I hope you tell me when you have a free evening in Paris for dinner. I'm sure all my friends would love to see you, too. You are quite a celebrity in the Anglo program at Ferrandi.

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