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May 05, 2007


another regular reader

Hm, one of the pictures shows raspberries... They probably lend themselves better to filling with the liquid, but you only mention strawberries. Did you try raspberries as well, but the result wasn't as satisfying as with strawberries?


Hi, we have only used strawberries. Maybe the way we cut the top off and filled them makes them look like raspberries in the second picture. Also the bottom disappears under the plastic wrap to stabilize them. I would think that raspberries are not solid enough for this recipe...


Wow!!!!!!! Ist notiert und wird demnächst gemacht....wenn's nichts wird, weiss ich ja, wo ich schnell anrufen kann!!!
Kann ich auch alles mit ner Spritze und nicht den El Bulli Werkzeugen machen?


Ulla là!! gutten, gutten appetite!! This is AweSOME!! excellent pictures by the way.............uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, got to do make it!! Again, again, and again!! Muy rico!!


Very cool idea, if a bit fiddly. Like it!


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