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May 24, 2007



S a n t é - 1/7 + 2/7 !!


Smile, Smile!!!!!!!

Ich kenn jemanden, der jetzt ein grosses oufff macht!

Weiter so, dann kann gar nichts mehr schiefgehen!!!!


Keep concentrated!

It's usual in France to stess(in french stresser?) pupills while they're going through a practical exam (and i think in Ferrandi, they want to see how you can work under high pressure in a kitchen as in a real working day with an horrendous boss !!not an exception, in french restaurant, doesn-it?
As i was readind your post, i realised you that you succeeded in that first exam (meals ready on time and even before, successful change of dishes on demand of the different judges).
so keep on!! and good luck for the following...

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