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May 29, 2007



Hmmm, was kann es nur sein....La greffe et le kabi? URSSAFF? Les prix différents au comptoir et dans la salle? Pourboire? Prix de jour/ prix de nuit? Licence? Loi Evin? Verdammt, ich errate es nicht!!
Lief doch ganz gut, oder? Für mich sind charges = cotisations......!
So, jetzt aber ran an das Rind und Kalb!


Tja schade eigentlich. Haette Dich gerne zu einem Drink eingeladen. Aber Du liegst VOELLIG daneben ! ;)


Hi my name is kelly and i have been looking your website for quite some time now, i find it very interesting and resourceful. I am a canadian who (have) applied for ESCF restaurateur sur 2ans , and as my entretien approach (very very fast ) i have absolutely no idea where to begin (since i have completed all schooling in canada. anywho, i know you are extremely busy with your tests, but i was wondering if you (or someone you know from sup 1/2 class) can (or would)be willing to help me out just to figure out which books, i can study from etc..etc..etc..
i just read your recent post and it says you calculated your recipes and all that i have done it before in canada but i was wondering if you can tell me(the french way) a name of a book that i can study from or if you can email me quickly what the formulas are etc...Could you PLEAAASSSSE help me b.b thank you

p.s: good luck with the rest of your exams..(gestion means management and what kind of topic do they cover?)sighsighsigh...if you are wayy to busy then...forget it i totally understand..
but just in case kellylee119@hotmail.com.


Kelly, thanks for your comment. I sent you a separate email.


0.4 so an schmarrn..
I pay 4 my drink myself with money 1 in the lotto
9, ich kriegs nicht raus




Du hast 3 der 7 Prüfungen geschafft...


Des Rätsels Lösung, bitte...bitte...


Es hat lange gedauert und bedurfte medizinisch-mathematischer Erklärungen, aber heute die stolze Frage: hast du 0.5714285 schon hinter dir??

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