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January 21, 2007



First of all, I want to compliment Mami for this great gift , this is really a good book ;)
Secondly, Ulla, you very often asked me *tell me how you' ve learnt how to cook in your normal french life, from your teenager period up to now, do you learn all these subtilities? *
So, part of the answer is that a normal french education goes through mardi-gras with the crepes party, and when you are a teenager, you may want to even try to move forward to a crepes suzette party " youhou, let ' s be crazy!!"
Since then, this is why my parents always had kitchens with a very high sealing and this is also why I weared very short hair for quite a while ;))


Hallo daughter,
you remember the Fondue-celebration of your Abitur, when we incended the table cloth while trying to start the fire under the pot with hot oil - I still have and sometimes look at the rest of this cloth.
Mysterious Regular Reader


Sophie, thanks for the always "enlightening" lessons on French culinary culture and traditions, that I missed while being a teenager eatig "Currywurst mit Pommes" (sausage and fries)in Germany.

Mami, ich hatte das verdraengt, aber danke fuer die Erinnerung ;). Also haben wir eigentlich die "flamber" Technik erfunden ?

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